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8th rule of bootcampsf is “if it’s your first session of bootcamp sf, then you have to fight!”

is here and if this is your first session of bootcampsf then you have to fight! okay, so not necessarily fight but it’s test day to see how far you’ve come. time for a quick mile and a half, crunches bootcampsf style and chin-groundhitting pushups till you drop. also for those of you wondering what the other seven rules are, stay tuned and they will be unveiled over time(i.e. i haven’t made them up yet).

i know that some of you may be nervous to see your results, but as long as you’ve been coming to class consistently then i’m betting you’ve improved upon your first day stats.

*****beginning of tangent*****
as for myself, i’ve now been through 12 weeks (2 sessions) of bootcamp and i know i’ve gotten healthier just by how i feel. i’m still not particularly fast, but on my off day workouts i can now go for a one hour jog and still go for another hour. granted, the first time i ran for over an hour i totally overestimated my speed and at the one hour mark i was still on the other side of the park! so there you go, next time you go for a run 45mins to an hour away from home (and don’t bring your clipper card!) before you turnaround. even if you end up having to walk or jog really slowly, i bet you’ll find it totally doable. sometimes you get your best workouts by accident!
*****end of tangent*****

okay, before i take off on another tangent, here are a few tips for your test day:

1.5 mile run/6 lap test at Kezar: find someone to pace yourself with. preferably someone who was faster than you that first day. if you are that faster person, wear a watch and pick a pace that is faster than the time you ran the first day. for example if you ran your 1.5 miles in 18 mins, that comes out to 3mins per lap. shoot for 2mins 45seconds or 2 mins 30 seconds per lap. (please check with your instructor if that is advisable!)

crunches: DON’T WASTE ANY!! every time you finger tips miss your spotters hands, you get nothing. don’t waste!!! another thing i remember doing is doing mine in spurts. do 5, take a couple of breaths. or do 10 and take a couple of breaths. whatever number works for you.

pushups: just like crunches… DON’T WASTE ANY! make sure your chin touches the ground. it’s your sixth week of bootcamp and it’s no time to be afraid of the ground and getting dirty. in fact, if it’s test day, then you will be using a mat which is probably cleaner than the ground(i make no guarantees on that!).

hopefully some of you get to read this before your test!! good luck and see you during no excuses week!