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    • What will I get out of the program?

      Ability level groups. Based on your performance fitness assessment, you will be placed in a group according to your abilities. This ensures you will work out with a group of people who are close to your level and that your trainer can plan appropriate workouts for each ability level. Class sizes average 8–12 members per instructor.

      Whole-body workouts. Each day of the week is a different workout: we focus on a particular area of fitness each day and a particular muscle group. BCSF is a thoughtfully designed program to ensure results.

      Performance assessments are given at the start and finish of each six-week session to measure your fitness level.

      A private member account through the BootCampSF web site to track your progress.

    • What if I haven’t worked out in a while?

      You probably can. Be sure to fill out the health evaluation form to let us know any precautions related to your health and fitness levels. Your trainer will talk to you about any special needs you have in the first few days of class to ensure the class is appropriate for your level. As the session progresses, you will get faster and stronger. If you are concerned about your current level, please get in touch with us and we will take some time to talk about your needs and determine if it is the right program for you.

    • I already go to a gym, why would I go to BootCamp?

      First off: are you actually getting to the gym? One of the most valuable things you’ll get out of your time with BCSF is a motivated group of individuals that will be your new accountability buddies. Your trainer and your classmates know when you miss class.

      If you are a regular gym-goer, you probably already know that the body will adapt to even the most strenuous workout after a short period of time, which explains why some people complain about going to the gym regularly yet they stop seeing any results. BootCampSF workouts are designed to prevent the plateau by constantly challenging the body in unexpected ways while taking advantage of everything the outdoors has to offer. The net result for you: getting more out of your workout hour than ever before, while never getting bored of your surroundings. The best part? Walking away with your workout done and a boost to get you through the rest of your day.

    • What if I have to travel for work? Do I lose those days?

      We’ll work something out to accommodate your needs. Contact us to set up a program at info@bootcampsf.com or (415) 921-8537.

    • Do I have to stick to the same class time and location?

      Since we are a program first and foremost, we do prefer to have you stick to the same class time as much as possible. We want to give you a cohesive experience from both a programming perspective to having the same instructor to having the same classmates. We find that participants that start with wanting to switch around end up eventually finding that one class that they love and want to stick with.

      If you do happen to have a particularly tricky schedule though, just get in touch to let us know your ideal schedule and we will let you know how that will work within our program. At the end of the day, we want you to get that workout done each day! No skipping class simply because you missed your usual group.

    • I have an old injury, can I still participate?

      As long as you are cleared by your doctor, then yes, that typically is not a problem. However, it is always a great idea to let us know in advance what your injury is so that we can offer you feedback about how our program will work for you. Send us an email or give us a call.

    • What kind of people will be in my class?

      Your neighbors. We serve a wide variety of San Franciscans from college students to those getting ready to retire.

    • What should I wear to class?

      Wear comfortable workout gear that you would wear to any gym. No fancy workout attire required. Since it’s San Francisco, you should wear layers. A long sleeve top or hoodie over a tank top is great so that you are warm at the beginning of class, and delayer as your body heats up. Shoes are important and we’ll talk more about that at class. As a suggestion we also advise the use of gloves and headlamps for the obvious reasons of protecting your body against the elements and the time change.

    • Do you offer modifications?

      We offer modifications regularly and it is a part of our teaching philosophy. Keeping our groups small allows us to be able to give you this kind of one-on-one attention within a group class.