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    About Mohammed


    • 25+

    Mohammed was born and raised in Algeria. He has been active in sports since childhood especially volleyball as a both a player and sports advisor on the Algerian National team.


    He received his University degree in Sports Training at  The National Institute of Sciences and Technology in Algeria and received his Master’s in Training and Sports Performance from Orleans University in France. He studied Nutrition and has a certificate in Nutrition and is a member of The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine.


    In addition to being a conditioning coach with National Volleyball teams, he also worked with professional boxers as well as athletes in all different sports.


    Mohammed believes that an active body and proper diet can prevent the need for many medications. Mohammed is passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness and health goals.




    BA, University of San Francisco, Communication

    JD, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

    NASM Certified

    Years Training: 2

    Sam worked at BootcampSF in 2010 and 2011, but left to pursue a degree in law. After he became a practicing lawyer, he decided he missed helping people accomplish their fitness goals and so he came back to BootcampSF. He is a native San Franciscan and has trained on its streets since he was 5 years old thanks to having a running coach for a dad. He brings the knowledge of a competitive cross country and track athlete at the University of San Francisco to BootcampSF, as well as an understanding of programming fitness plans and inspiring others through them. Sam is a believer that fitness is not necessarily about being the best, but being better than you were yesterday.



    NASM Fitness Nutrition specialization
    Adult CPR/AED Child CPR and First Aid -American Red Cross
    Molly’s love for health and fitness started at a young age. Playing multiple sports, she is a firm believer in mental toughness and that teamwork makes achieving your goals a breeze. Molly’s mentality earned her multiple awards, a spot on California’s High School National Lacrosse Team as a player and later as head coach, and a Division 1 scholarship. After teaching preschool and children’s health and wellness, she decided to take her love for fitness and pursue a career as a certified personal trainer. She currently coaches youth sports, is a NASM CPT, and is pursuing her BS in Kinesiology along with NASM specializations. She aims to push you to reach your goals with a smile on your face.



    Caroline spent her entire life participating in group sports. From volleyball, to pole vaulting, and now specializing in snowboarding. Fitness is her entire life and she loves sharing her passion with her own classes. She is certified through American Council on Exercise, focusing her training on weight loss and improving performance. If you need to lose a few dress sizes or improve your speed and agility, she is your girl. She also sees the importance in achieving a well balanced mind and body. So this is where stretching, yoga, meditation, and proper eating habits come into play. Fitness should be fun! She brings the excitement and energy into your daily exercise routine.

    Areas of specialty:

    • Weightloss
    • Agility
    • Dynamic/static stretching
    • Body weight exercises

    Years of training: 2



    B.S. Exercise Science Integrated Physiology

    Pacific University, OR


    ACE Group Ex. Instructor

    Years Training: 2 years

    Dione has always been a big fitness fanatic. With 10+ years of baseball experience, a black belt in Taekwondo, and having ran the San Francisco Marathon he continues to pursue his passion in testing the incredible feats of the human body. 

    Philosophy: The best version of “you” is waiting to be reveal, but you must be willing to sacrifice the person you are today and shed the skin you’ve grown comfortable in.

    My mission is to give you the ability to experience your own success story, to where it inspires others to follow in your footsteps. 

    Jenny Stulberg

    Jenny Stulberg

    Katy Diiorio
    About Katy

    Katy Diiorio

    • 2


    BA San Jose State University, Child & Adolescent Development
    NASM Certified
    Years Training: 2

    A former elementary school principal, Katy most definitely has eyes in the back of her head. Of course, these days she uses those superpowers to make sure you’re planking and squatting when you’re supposed to. She may have left the world of kids behind, but she has not left her love of learning and teaching. A lifelong student, she now relishes learning the latest exercise science news, learning a new way to work the glutes, and mostly in teaching you the ropes of a healthy lifestyle. But be forewarned, she has a history of charming most she meets into a new best friend. And yes, it is possible to like the person that is asking you to do just one more push-up.

    Molly Molofsky
    About Molly

    Molly Molofsky

    • 4

    BS, University of San Francisco, Business, Minor: Dance
    ACE Certified, Zumba Licensed
    Years Training: 4

    While BootCamp generally doesn’t include the Cha Cha Cha, you just might find yourself skipping to the beat after leaving one of Molly’s classes. Don’t be fooled though: training with a dancer (that is also one of San Francisco’s best Zumba teachers) does not get you off the hook: Molly is legit. But… we admit that her burpees just might come with a bit more pizazz and definitely with a tad more grace. When she’s not counting beats or reps, this well-rounded movement enthusiast also loves to spend time in the kitchen working on her latest nutrition school project. With a passion for educating her members to fuel their bodies with the right whole foods, Molly is sure to help guide your path to eating better, feeling better and ensuring that your workout is, actually, really darn fun.

    Tyler Dalbey
    About Tyler

    Tyler Dalbey

    • 10


    BA San Francisco State University Kinesiology
    NASM Certified
    Years Training: 10

    Spending much of her childhood in both Costa Rica and England, Tyler has always been on the move. Having a knack for getting in on what the locals did for fun, Costa Rican surfing was an easy fit for this girl with energy to spare. She took this natural athleticism into her track career at SFSU, finishing 2nd in the 400 meter hurdles at the NCAA Division 2 State Championship and 14th at Nationals in 2010. Of course, this was all before breaking the SFSU school record in the 400 meter hurdles in her 2010 outdoor season. Besides breaking records, she still finds time to wakeboard in the summer and head to Tahoe in the winter to get her snowboard on. Spreading this contagious energy into your workouts is one of her specialties. Consider this a fair warning: take her class and you just might be inspired to break some records of your own.

    Valerie Azinheira
    About Valerie

    Valerie Azinheira

    • 18+


    BS San Francisco State University, Kinesiology
    NCSA Certified
    USAT Coach Level 1
    Holistic Nutrition Educator Certified
    Years Training: 18+

    A native, Valerie’s been keeping fit on the streets of San Francisco since childhood; while her dad ran, she followed on a bike. She picked up running while in college and after a marathon in Hawaii, she was hooked. She’s since completed multiple triathlons, an Ironman and recently qualified for the venerable Boston Marathon. Not only does Valerie want her bootcampers to believe they can complete a major milestone like a triathlon, she takes this philosophy home; her 5 year-old just completed his first kid-sized triathlon. Oh and in case you were wondering, she kept running throughout both of her pregnancies, up through the 8th month (of course!).

    Chris Van Loan
    About Chris

    Chris Van Loan

    • 13+


    BA San Francisco State University, International Relations
    AFAA Certified
    Years Training: 13+

    Chris used to be a gym rat. You know, the guy who spends all his time “lifting” in the weight room. The results were so impressive that other members started asking for advice, so he got his AFAA certification at age 19 and got to work as a personal trainer. That might have been the end of the story, had he not discovered Chinese martial arts and Tai Chi, and later, backpacking. The holistic nature of martial arts, and the satisfaction of being outdoors with a pack, completely changed Chris’s approach to physical fitness. Now a backpacking veteran and practitioner of Kenpo and Jujitsu, Chris can help you find the mental and physical reward of challenging yourself beyond the gym.

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