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A Workout Program That Will Speed Up Your Body’s Response to Training

Have you ever wished that as you worked out, your body would respond faster, get stronger quicker, and just overall adjust more rapidly to the new style of fitness training you’re doing? Believe it or not, with boot camp workouts, you actually get this effect. Here are some tips from our workout program in San Francisco for how to get your body’s maximum response to your workout.

Balancing What You Can Handle

If you work out in a way that’s slow to moderate, your body is going to adjust and be able to deliver slow-to-moderate outcomes. For instance, if you are used to an hour of brisk walking, you could conceivably do that for a year and never feel like jogging. In other words, your body’s natural tendency is not necessarily geared up to attain ever-increasing feats of athleticism. This is especially true once you’ve passed your prime: If you don’t watch out, your body will begin to decline even faster, trying to tell you that you can’t do the things you used to do, and luring you ever-so-gently into a sedentary life.

So what secret weapon do you have at your disposal to fight against this tendency?

Your brain.

It is your brain that must tell you, “This is what I am doing, and it’s non-negotiable.” Building that mental decisiveness is just as much a part of your fitness journey as building your physical fitness.

However, your brain can only go so far in overriding the natural ability of your body, especially if you’re out of shape. Furthermore, if you push it too hard out of sheer willpower, you can even make yourself sick, causing a demoralizing setback to your fitness goals that your brain was so optimistically striving for.

Getting the Body to Keep Up With the Brain

When you realize that you have to balance the amount that your brain wants to be fit with the amount that your body can do, it’s time to hit the early morning Boot Camp routine. This style of workout forces the body to adjust rapidly, while also keeping the brain limbered up to make that decisive judgment call four days a week, “This is what is happening. No excuses.”

By adjusting your body quickly to a fitness level that’s capable of athletic performance, and by keeping your mental toughness in shape, you’re in for a winning combination.

How Does Boot Camp Get You In Shape Faster?

Because a boot camp workout program includes exercises that work the whole body, you’ll improve your overall fitness and well-being in a short time. Plus, many of the exercises that we do work many of the body’s muscles at the same time. For example, push-ups work your biceps, but they also work muscles in your back, pectorals, and core. Lunges work your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles, as well as involving core muscles as stabilizers. When you do targeted exercises that work your whole body, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the improvement can happen.

Join BCSF today for a workout program that will get you toned, boost your confidence, and skyrocket your mental toughness.