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after a short 2 and half year hiatus, the BCSF Blog is Back!!

welcome to the BootCampSF blog (BCSF blog)!

as you can see, the BCSF blog was up and running in 2008 and went on a short hiatus of a little over 2.5 years. fast forward to today friday, june 3rd of the bootcampsf friendly year of 2011!! woooohooooo!!

please visit this site often as tips and stories about food and exercise will be posted on at least a weekly basis (hopefully much more!). pictures and videos to follow as well. if you have comments or questions feel free to post them here or email or

what or who is foxbehungry you ask? well that would be me! i’m a fellow bootcamper like you. this is my second session and so far so good. i’m no professional athlete, just your garden variety san franciscan who wants to get into shape without having to become dependent on an indoor gym for exercise while at the same time getting to experience san francisco like never before. and by that i don’t mean anything deep and spiritual, just that it’s nice to be in golden gate park at 6am, almost on the verge of being wide awake as opposed to stumbling through the park on no sleep and waiting for the hangover to come in a few hours time…. at least that is what i hear some people do. not me. never.

anyways, so why the name foxbehungry? well the behungry part is easy, i’m kind of always hungry. even after eating a couple of doublecheeseburgers and thinking that i am full, if someone were to offer me a slice of pizza i would not say no to that slice (or french fries if they just happen to be around as well). as or the fox part, it’s not cuz i’m super good looking(just moderately so) or that i’m sly, clever or that i swipe things(cultural reference to the villain of the dora explorer show). it just so happens that it is my middle name. ta-da! sorry if that was anticlimactic.

so there you go the first post of the newly restarted BCSF blog. see below for more ways to contact us. we’ll do our best to provide information and be entertaining!

thanks and have a good evening! (where i blogged about my first session of bootcamp, check it out and let me know what you think)