4 Tips To Improve Digestion And Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

It’s 6pm after Thanksgiving dinner…how do you feel? Stuffed? Bloated? Uncomfortable? Sick? It’s all too common to eat too much, too quickly on this much anticipated meal. The result is that infamous Thanksgiving “food coma” that we all blame on the rich food. But is it really the food itself, or is it how we eat … Continued

High Altitude Running: Thanksgiving Weekend

Workouts while traveling are notoriously challenging. If you travel for work, you’re busy with deadlines and possibly jet lagged. If you’re traveling for leisure or simply to spend time with family, you are limited with time:  you did just travel however far/long to spend time with them right? But the bottom line for any type … Continued

5 “Eat This – Not That” Ideas for Thanksgiving

I stumbled across this very scary infographic tonight that illustrates how much we tend to eat at Thanksgiving dinner and how long you will need to workout in the gym to burn off the calories. I generally like to live in ignorant bliss about such things but being told that the typical diner on Thanksgiving … Continued

Thanksgiving Week Workouts Schedule

We hope that you have warm and delicious plans for next week (Thanksgiving week!). If you’re staying in San Francisco for the holiday, we have a very full menu of classes to serve you all next week: GOLDEN GATE PARK Monday, 11/21 6am:  Tracy, Andrew, Brandon 7am:  Tracy, Andrew, Brandon 8:30am: Tracy, Brandon 9:30am: Tracy, … Continued