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How to Smash Through Being Daunted to Join a Boot Camp Workout Program

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We wanted to know what things were holding people back from joining a workout program like the one at Boot Camp San Francisco. Here are some of the things we heard from people who said that deep down, they were interested in a boot camp workout, but they were still too daunted to try it. We’ll also share our response for how to smash through your doubts and demolish the obstacles that are standing in your way of getting your body into wicked shape this year through the workout programs that we offer.

“I think I would benefit from Boot Camp, but I think I’m too out of shape to start. I have to get myself into shape first, and then I’ll join.”

Our response: Boot Camp is made precisely for people who are out of shape and need a motivating, intense workout to whip them into shape fast. Think about the very name “boot camp.” The whole point of military boot camps is to take guys who aren’t in great shape and make them into fit, lean, hard-muscled soldiers. No, BCSF doesn’t have drill instructors, and no, they won’t scream at you, but YES, you’ll get the same results and watch yourself transform into that fit, lean, athletic machine that you really want to be. Why dawdle around planning to get into shape (and never really getting where you want to be) when you could just join a boot camp?

“I’m so inspired by the Boot Camp style of fitness, but I don’t want to be the slow one who is holding everyone else back.”

Our response: Everyone who is currently in one of our workout programs had to be the new person when they first started. Therefore, everyone is understanding of the way it feels to be in that position. We all get it. You’re sore for the first couple of weeks. You feel like you’re dying. You don’t have the cardio and pulmonary fitness that you’ll have in a couple of weeks. No problem. Our instructors are trained to lead you forward with just the right combination of intensity and motivation to get you into shape in no time. And you won’t find a better crowd anywhere than your fellow athletes who are working out alongside you. You’ll be encouraged rather than judged, and we’d be surprised if anyone made you feel like the weak link when you’re first starting. That’s not the culture of the boot camp crowd.

“I really need to get into shape, but I’m intimidated to have anyone see me trying to get there.”

Our response: Like we said, there’s not a better crowd to work out with anywhere than the Boot Camp culture in San Francisco. This is most emphatically NOT a gym where you’ll feel like everyone is sizing you up. What we value is the moxie and mental toughness that led you to try for this in the first place, even if you’re overweight and not where you want to be physically. You will get there. All you have to do is show up, day in, day out, rain or shine. Give it 90 days and you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

Our Boot Camp workouts are held all over the San Francisco area, and we know you’ll leave each one with a smile on your face, being so happy that you took the plunge and decided to come. Get your game face on. We’ll be waiting for you outside. Join us today.