Mohammed was born and raised in Algeria. He has been active in sports since childhood especially volleyball as a both a player and sports advisor on the Algerian National team.   He received his University degree in Sports Training at  The National Institute of Sciences and Technology in Algeria and received his Master’s in Training … Continued


BA, University of San Francisco, Communication JD, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law NASM Certified Years Training: 2 Sam worked at BootcampSF in 2010 and 2011, but left to pursue a degree in law. After he became a practicing lawyer, he decided he missed helping people accomplish their fitness goals and so he came back … Continued


NASM CPT NASM Fitness Nutrition specialization Adult CPR/AED Child CPR and First Aid -American Red Cross Molly’s love for health and fitness started at a young age. Playing multiple sports, she is a firm believer in mental toughness and that teamwork makes achieving your goals a breeze. Molly’s mentality earned her multiple awards, a spot … Continued


  Caroline spent her entire life participating in group sports. From volleyball, to pole vaulting, and now specializing in snowboarding. Fitness is her entire life and she loves sharing her passion with her own classes. She is certified through American Council on Exercise, focusing her training on weight loss and improving performance. If you need … Continued


B.S. Exercise Science Integrated Physiology Pacific University, OR NASM-CPT ACE Group Ex. Instructor Years Training: 2 years Dione has always been a big fitness fanatic. With 10+ years of baseball experience, a black belt in Taekwondo, and having ran the San Francisco Marathon he continues to pursue his passion in testing the incredible feats of the … Continued

Katy Diiorio

INSTRUCTOR (DOLORES PARK, GOLDEN GATE PARK) BA San Jose State University, Child & Adolescent Development NASM Certified Years Training: 2 A former elementary school principal, Katy most definitely has eyes in the back of her head. Of course, these days she uses those superpowers to make sure you’re planking and squatting when you’re supposed to. … Continued

Molly Molofsky

BS, University of San Francisco, Business, Minor: Dance ACE Certified, Zumba Licensed Years Training: 4 While BootCamp generally doesn’t include the Cha Cha Cha, you just might find yourself skipping to the beat after leaving one of Molly’s classes. Don’t be fooled though: training with a dancer (that is also one of San Francisco’s best … Continued

Tyler Dalbey

INSTRUCTOR (MARINA) BA San Francisco State University Kinesiology NASM Certified Years Training: 10 Spending much of her childhood in both Costa Rica and England, Tyler has always been on the move. Having a knack for getting in on what the locals did for fun, Costa Rican surfing was an easy fit for this girl with … Continued

Valerie Azinheira

INSTRUCTOR (DOLORES PARK) BS San Francisco State University, Kinesiology NCSA Certified USAT Coach Level 1 Holistic Nutrition Educator Certified Years Training: 18+ A native, Valerie’s been keeping fit on the streets of San Francisco since childhood; while her dad ran, she followed on a bike. She picked up running while in college and after a … Continued