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Molly Molofsky

BS, University of San Francisco, Business, Minor: Dance
ACE Certified, Zumba Licensed
Years Training: 4

While BootCamp generally doesn’t include the Cha Cha Cha, you just might find yourself skipping to the beat after leaving one of Molly’s classes. Don’t be fooled though: training with a dancer (that is also one of San Francisco’s best Zumba teachers) does not get you off the hook: Molly is legit. But… we admit that her burpees just might come with a bit more pizazz and definitely with a tad more grace. When she’s not counting beats or reps, this well-rounded movement enthusiast also loves to spend time in the kitchen working on her latest nutrition school project. With a passion for educating her members to fuel their bodies with the right whole foods, Molly is sure to help guide your path to eating better, feeling better and ensuring that your workout is, actually, really darn fun.