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Mission 32/30: 6 weeks down, how many left to go??

After one 6 week session I wasn’t sure if I’d actually made any progress.  I’ve heard good things from friends and fellow bootcampers, but for the most part I think they like me so I just figured they were being nice.  I’ve heard I look like I’m melting and that I appear “thinner in the face.”  Both good things, but after the first few weeks I found that I had not only not really lost any weight but actually gained a little bit.

Today I’m officially checking to see my progress and hoping that my friends weren’t just being nice and were actually being truthful.  Six weeks ago today I woke up tipping the scales at 187 pounds and 5 foot 4inch-ish in height.  Unsurprisingly the height hasn’t changed, but the weight has.  This morning I jumped on the scale afraid to see that I had regressed the other way but I in fact have made some progress.  I am currently at a svelte 184.7 pounds!!!  Woohooo!!!  (Yeah, I know the last picture reads 185, but that is a picture from a couple of days ago and this morning I forgot to press a button on the camera).
That’s a whopping 2.3 pound loss in 6 weeks!  And… my BMI (which I still haven’t researched even though I know I should since I am apparently obsessed with numbers) dropped from 31.6 to 31.2!!  According to the chart it says I am still solidly in the obese area, but I don’t let that number ruin my day.
Do I feel healthier?  Am I stronger?  Faster?  And most importantly…do my clothes fit me better??  Those are the important questions.  I started off wearing loose fit 34/30 jeans at the beginning of my little self improvement project and while I have not yet moved down a notch to 33/30s, I did try on a pair of relaxed fit 34/30s.  While the attempt was still laughable (I wasn’t even close to fastening the top button), I was able to at least zip the fly half way!!  I know, you are probably thinking ‘happy about not fitting pants??’  Well yes, because 6 weeks ago I couldn’t even pull those pants up past my thighs!!!
I’m not expecting BootCampSF to give me miraculous overnight or near-miraculous over-6week results.  These incremental improvements are things I feel like a can continue with as I get closer to my goal.  Maybe in another 6 weeks I’ll get to 33/30 loose fit jeans, or maybe 34/30 relaxed fit jeans, as long as I’m improving little by little I’ll reach my goal.  Six weeks or sixty weeks(I sure hope it’s somewhere closer to six), I will get back into 32/30s!
For those of you that are new to BootCampSF and those of you that are old pros (and anywhere in between), remember BootCampSF by itself isn’t going to get you to your fitness goals.  In addition to BootCampSF, follow some of the tips that are in your BootCampSF guide that you received on your first day.  For me, I’ve started drinking a ton of water, 3 fruits a day(I try!) and just last week I had salad 4 days in a row!  That’s a record for me!
Go out and have a good workout!  Any questions or comments, feel free to email me at or if you want to see an example of how I log my daily food intake and/or BootCampSF workouts, check out
Have a good workout and cross your fingers the rain goes away!  And if it doesn’t go away, what the heck have a good workout anyways!
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