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Mission: 32/30—KFC, why can’t I resist you??

This past weekend I stayed with my buddy and his wife in Seattle. It was a beautiful weekend. No rain, plenty of sunshine and daytime temperatures reaching the mid-90s. I even went for a run that first morning I was in town. Burning some good calories and working up a good sweat. Felt pretty good about myself.

Then I went and destroyed all my hard work! Over the weekend, I had the following: KFC (extra crispy dark meat special bucket, family size cake, mashed potatoes..definitely my favorite of the fast food pantheon), Taco Bell (chili cheese burrito which they don’t serve here in the bay area, but for some mysterious reason they do in Washington, tacos and other assorted taco-like treats), some delicious omelets, fruit, bbq chicken, bbq short ribs, mochi ice cream, chocolate covered macaroons, potato chips, bacon-jelly slider(actually a good mix), duck slider, several(or more) beers, conveyor belt sushi(indeterminate amount) and a sausage egg McMuffin (courtesy of McDonalds upon my return to San Francisco). Yup, that was all this past weekend. Every single bite was yummy, but in the end, not necessarily worth it. Usually I feel healthy and clean, but after having pizza (I forgot to list it above) prior to a Sunday run, and following it up with KFC, I wasn’t feeling good. I felt heavy and bloated. In the future I’m planning on indulging only one food craving at a time.

With all that being said, on Monday I made a trip to Costco and made the purchases pictured below:
For the most part it is healthy stuff(at least healthier stuff than I had this weekend). Fruits, veggies, healthy snacks. It looks like a mess in that cart, but see how it transforms into a day of healthy snacks!
With the assistance of many containers and my fiancée, this is the food I had for snacking and lunch throughout the day on Wednesday: chopped apple; chopped nectarine; babybel cheese(to help stave off the hunger pangs);salad with veggies+fruit+cheese+vinagreitte+almonds+craisins; greek yogurt + blueberries; carrots, cucumber and baby tomatoes with hummus(and some tortilla chips); turkey+havarti wrapped in lavash. It was literally a mouthful(please forgive me for that line, but I’m writing this at 12:30 am and have boot camp at 6am!).

Even though I had nothing fried and no red meat, turns out I was satisfied and I felt good about myself (and not bloated and heavy!). I decided to not weigh myself this week, but save it for after my body has been subjected to one week of healthy yummy eating.

So I guess the moral of the story after all that rambling is that if you crave something, maybe just have bite or two… not the whole bucket. You’ll feel better afterwards. So… who’s up for some cupcakes at Off the Grid????

Have a good workout and see you next week for my week 3 update for Mission: 32/30 (what’s Mission: 32/30? click here to find out) where I tell you I went a week without fried chicken!

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