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Mission:32/30 Begins!

I’ve done BootcampSF for three sessions and I’ve loved every minute of it.Okay, “loved” may be too strong a word.I’ve immensely enjoyed every minute.And not necessarily every minute as it has happened, but more like one minute after every class…. IMMENSE ENJOYMENT!I’d say you think I’m crazy, but I’m guessing somewhere between 5 and 95% of you agree (I’m crossing my fingers that it is much closer to the second number!).

In 18 weeks I definitely feel healthier, faster and stronger.When I first started my mission was to prevent loose fitting jeans from fitting me like skinny jeans!So far so good and I have not had to buy baggy jeans as my regular “I can bend at the knees” jeans.So far so good, Mission:Baggy will not be my Skinny (click on link for that earlier post) accomplished!But something happened the other day.I pulled a pair of khakis out of the dryer(or is it drier??) yesterday and the result can be seen below:

That damage as framed by my hand is not an optical illusion.A hole in my inner rear right thigh developed due the friction of my legs rubbing together as I walked and over time it just gave(yeah, if any of my friends read this I’m going to get so much crap, but hey…wutevz).RIDICULOUS!Those pants were 34/30 (34 inch waist, 30 inch inseam).A couple of years ago I was walking pretty in 32/30s and heck, I even had a pair of 31/30s I could fit into.That is my new goal, my new mission… Mission: 32/30 in full effect!!

I don’t expect it to happen overnight.Heck, in three sessions of BootcampSF I have lost a total of 2 pounds.That is by no means any fault of BootCampSF.Like I said right off the bat, I’m faster, stronger and healthier (and my jeans fit a little better).But with my new mission, I hope to get even healthier and hopefully in 3-6months I’ll be 32/30 healthy!

Also, I know that I shouldn’t let the number on a scale be the sole determinant in how healthy I feel, I’d just like to state that the last time I was fit into 32/30s(comfortably that is, because I could get into them now, they would just appear to be denim spandex and I would not be able to zip them up, let alone button them) I was 172 pounds.

So that is my goal, fit into 32/30s and weigh 172 pounds.I’m starting off as of 8am this morning at 34/30s and 187 pounds.Did I mention I’m 5 foot 4(ish) inches tall with a BMI of 31.6 (solidly in the obese area of the curve).CURSES TO BMI!!I’ve been told BMR is what I should actually measure, but since I have no idea what that stands for at the moment, I’ll save it for another post.

Okay, with all that being said, it’s time for me to get working.And hopefully that 34/30 Old Navy Masthead at the top of this post will morph into my desired 32/30!! And oh yeah…no more unplanned fried chicken fests.Much sadness….

See you back here in one week for an update on Mission:32/30!!!

Have a good one!