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Mission:32/30 Week 1 Update–It hurts when I sneeze.

Pushups, sprints, dips, exercise band activities, squats(several varieties), lunges(several varieties), hills, stairs, planks, crunches, toe touchers, situps, burpees(aka up-downs), bear crawls, wheel barrows(not wheel barrels; see pictures above) sprints, jogs and of course a nice stroll along the beach with Leandra Rouse (and 17 others… geez, don’t get me in trouble with my fiancee!). Okay, so that nice stroll was a sprint/jog also known as an Indian-run or more to be politically correct, a Native American run. Actually, I think Indian run sounds better (and has fewer syllables) and unless someone has a better name for it (like up-downs in place of burpees) and since I am part Cherokee(one sixteenth) let’s stick with it.

So that was quite a week one of different exercises and though I am injury free, I am by no means pain free or sore-free.At the moment when I sneeze it feels like there is an explosion in my rib cage!Turns out, my core needs to be improved.As part of Mission:32/30(click here for more info about my mission) I hope to strengthen my sneezing muscles (my core) enough that the bear crawls and wheel barrows courtesy of Andrew May(6am and 7am class at Golden Gate Park) on Friday and the planks and spider lunges courtesy of Leandra Rouse(Old Navy and Gap instructor) on Saturday will no longer have me fearing the impending pain that comes with high pollen counts!

As for Mission:32/30 here is a quick update.So far I’m still 5 foot 4ish, but I am officially one pound lighter than last week.Of course yesterday I was one pound heavier than I was last week, so I guess I’ll need to check again next week to see which way I’m really headed.Darn unpredictable weight fluctuations associated with pastries and burritos. I may go to the store this week and see if I can find some 33/30s as an intermediary before I reach my ultimate goal of 32/30!

Also, for those of you who didn’t have time to watch the full video on Facebook, below is a clip featuring Leandra and spider lunges! Please excuse the shakiness. I am currently working my way up to being an amateur video-grapher.What is below an amateur you ask?Well that’s easy… ME!

Have a good week!