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Painted Stairs at 16th Avenue and Moraga..163 to be exact!

looking for some stairs to run when you don’t have class? check out these stairs at the intersection of 16th ave and moraga. i bet there is a story behind the stairs and the mosaic, but first let me give you the important information. there are 163 stairs and 12 landings(including the top) for you to do different exercises. i could be wrong on that stair and landing count so if you do check the stairs out, let me know if i was right (or wrong)!
(the whole shebang of stairs!)

for more information behind the tiles and mosaic, check out

do you have any stairs you recommend checking out? if so, let us know and send us a picture and location so we can share with everybody!

below are pictures of each individual flight. for some reason i can’t put them in the correct order, so just treat it as a puzzel using the whole shebang as your template(dang that is a weak template… go to the website instead). also, i am not a professional hence i didn’t notice that my shadow was in most of the pictures. enjoy!