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Quiet Saturday + Weekend Recovery Tips!

Saturday Class @ Golden Gate Park!
If you missed class this week, or just need a weekend boost, be sure to head out to class at 9am sharp tomorrow!  At Golden Gate ParkRyan Conlon will be leading the way. We meet at our usual weekday location, the Sharon Meadows parking lot, which is near the Koret Children’s Playground, the old wooden carousel and the Lawn Bowling Greens.
Please note:  we are beginning to ramp down Saturday classes at Crissy Field due to America’s Cup activities through the end of September. As such, this Saturday we’ll only be offering class at Golden Gate Park.
Rest and Recovery Weekend!
Ideas on how to get some delicious R& R in this weekend:
1. Stretch it out and restore yourself at a yoga class. Bernal YogaUrban Flow and Yoga Tree are a few of our favorites.
2. Get cozy with a foam rollerHere’s a pretty comprehensive tutorial on how to do just that!
3. Spend some time walking around your local Farmer’s Market and grab some delicious greens for a hearty salad, juice or however you like to get your veggies in!
4. Challenge yourself to drink all the water that you missed during your busy work week!
5. If you want to indulge yourself, look into a massage! If you don’t want to spend a ton of cash, check out the San Francisco School of Massage. Awesome students will work out your kinks for $30!