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Reversing the Negative Effects of Sitting at a Desk


Have you heard? “Sitting is the new smoking.” So say the fitness experts who authored Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World, a book dedicated to helping office workers other people whose jobs keep them seated all day long. Too much sitting makes your body more prone to aches and pains, but it also increases your likelihood of obesity, cancer, depression, diabetes and early death. So what can you do to reverse the negative effects of your 8-hour workday? Here are some tips from the workout program at Boot Camp San Francisco on how you can keep away from the limitations that your desk would like to impose on your health.

Make a Habit of Proper Posture

Proper posture is a thing we all hear about, and we even agree that it’s beneficial. However, all too often, we stop there. We make a mere nod to the idea of good posture without actually implementing it. But mental assent and good intentions will never bring the physical payoff that we need. So how do you make a habit of proper posture?

  • Learn what proper posture looks and feels like. Use the help of a mirror or a camera when you are sitting or standing. Take a picture of your side view and then position a ruler over the picture to see if your spine is lined up correctly, and then practice what it feels like to be in this posture so that you can quickly and accurately align yourself no matter where you are.
  • When you’re first starting, you’re prone to forget quite often and revert to your most comfortable slump. Try setting a timer on your phone every 15 minutes with a reminder to reset your posture. A few days of doing this will help you to be more conscious of it.
  • Reward yourself so that your pursuit of great posture feels like more of a game and less of a drudgery. For instance: “If I respond instantly to my posture timer every time it rings for one week, then I’ll reward myself with a massage.”

Make a Habit of Engaging Your Core

Core strength is so inextricably related to proper posture that it’s impossible to separate the two. If you merely correct your posture without also tightening your core, you will only be giving yourself half the benefits that you could have had. A tight, fit, hard core will give you immense benefits. One of the best ways to boost your core strength is by attending one of our boot camp workout programs. If your core has gotten out of shape, you’ll quickly find that these workouts change that, and you’ll actually have something to engage when you tell yourself, “Time to tighten my core.” Pick a trigger that you frequently do at your desk (like clicking on the Windows “Start” menu) and make it a point to tighten your core every time you do that action.

The Workout Program at BCSF is Here to Help

Boot Camp San Francisco is committed to guiding you to the posture, core strength, and overall fitness that will help to offset your daily desk routine. Sign up today!