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The Sun Shines on Munday!

***posted by foxbehungry***

Yay!!  Daylight savings has come and gone and the morning BootCampSF-ers may still see the stars and the moon at 6am, but by 6:30 the sun is out and headlamps are no longer needed.  If any of you are morning runners, now is a great time.  If you are a late afternoon or evening BootCamperSF-er it’s probably time to buy some reflective gear or find a morning BootCampSF-er and borrow their headlamp for the next few weeks(months?)!

One drawback to working out in the morning is my fellow BootCamp-ers (I’m dropping the SF for the rest of this blog because I got tired of pressing the shift key for the “S” and “F” and I kept missing the dash before the “ers”), can see how haggard and sad I look at being up at 6am in the morning.  On the other hand, by 7am I’m a happy smiling camper of the boot variety and on Thursdays I’m even happier because now we can do Thursdays with Munday with sunshine!

If you have had the chance to catch each weekly edition of Thursdays with Munday, you’ll see that we started videoing in the light, then it just started getting darker and darker until last week when I’m not even sure what Andrew was doing!  If you missed an edition or two, today is your lucky day because collected below is every single Thursday with Munday to date.  Thanks again to Andrew Munday, one of the morning BootCampSF instructors in Golden Gate Park.  (and in there is one edition of Thursdays with Munday on Saturday featuring Jodie Rodriguez).

Um…. well this is kind of embarrassing.  In this spot you should be seeing all the videos but unfortunately each video is too big to uploaded!  So instead, here is the the next best thing, a link to each video in its location on Facebook!  Click away!!  All are SFW (which i learned means Safe For Work).

September 8, 2011-Golden Gate Park Pushups with a Partner Using a Bench

September 15, 2011-Partner Squats with a Jump!

September 17, 2011-35 Quick Pushups with Jodie on a Saturday at Crissy Field

September 22, 2011-Wheelbarrows with a Partner and Medicine Ball

September 29, 2011-Situps using a Resistance Band

October 6, 2011-Partner Situps with a Medicine Balls

October 13, 2011-Partner Pushups and Dips

October 20, 2011-Kettlebell Lunge and Curl (this is where it started getting dark)

October 27, 2011-Situps incorporating a Medicine Ball Toss and Catch (even darker)

November 4, 2011 (Friday Edition because we weren’t ready on Thursday and also the Darkest Edition!)-Pushups and Dips using a Railing and a Partner

November 10, 2011-Suitcase with a Leg-Lift in the Sun Light!!!  (and also the most recent edition of Thursdays with Munday)

Stay tuned next week for another edition of Thursdays with Munday AND possibly some amateur jump-roping by the guy behind camera.

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***posted by foxbehungry***