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‘Twas the night before BootCamp….

***Have a good holiday season!!  Hope you find the little diddy below entertaining before you head off to parts unknown!  –posted by foxbehungry–***

‘Twas the night before BootCamp and all through the house,
nothing was stirring, not even a mouse.

But then the phone rang at 9pm and it was one of my crew,
turns out a party was afoot and they were serving more than just mountain dew.

Wine, beer, vodka and cheese were in available in much excess,
and due to weeks of BootCamp, I had less fat to absorb and handle my body’s distress.

One in the morning swung around and I was in quite a state of inebriation,
how in the world would I make it to 6am BootCamp with any sense of coordination?

After falling asleep for a few hours, my 5:30 am alarm rung quite loudly,
after a few minutes battling cottonmouth, I decided to go to class quite proudly.

Could I make it through 60 minutes of pushups, pullups, hills, sprints and more,
that I did not know but I knew my absence would drive me crazy to the core.

I hate to disappoint my instructor and classmates, so even though I was sweating liquor,
I was determined to jump jacks and jump rope with vigor (and without getting sicker).

Though my performance was not my best and my countenance was quite meek,
at the end of the allotted hour I was happy to keep intact my attendance streak.

And through the pain of the hangover in the misty early morn, when all is said and done,
I’m always quite happy to make it out Golden Gate Park for a harrowing Bootcamp run!!