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Veggies are Delicious. Seriously. Under Certain Circumstances.

I love meat.  Steak?  Awesome.  Pork chops?  Delicious.  Chicken?  Good.  Fried chicken?  Even better.  Spam?  It’s been a part of my diet since I was six months old.  I love meat.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love eating meat.  In soups, with noodles, in a sandwich and especially over white rice.  I grew up loving meat, but unfortunately I neglected vegetables.  At Chinese restaurants I would take out the broccoli from the broccoli beef and just eat the beef.  At weddings, I would just watch people eat their salads all the while thinking, “Did I pick the steak or fish?  Duh, of course I picked the steak.”

But now, as I try to get healthier and in better shape, I realize that in addition to BootCampSF, I need to adopt a balanced diet and that means I need to eat more vegetables.  No longer will I only eat veggies in deep fried form (yes, tempura is so yummy) or claim that I had a salad because my cheeseburger had lettuce and a tomato.

So how do I do it?  Honestly, I hate salad (unless of course it’s showered in bacon bits and ranch).  Baby carrots?  Just a big disappointment because they aren’t cheese puffs.  What can I do to get over my distaste for vegetables?  The answer is simple, change how vegetables taste!!

Turns out that if you dip vegetables in hummus, the vegetables become edible.  For the past two days I’ve eaten an arrangement of baby carrots, broccoli, mini bell peppers and snow peas with hummus.  (see picture above of awesome container filled with veggies.  the other items are berries, string cheese and some pre-made chickpea salad)You don’t even need the vegetable to be completely coated in hummus, just a slight dip for some flavor.  I’ve eaten more vegetables in the past two days that I usually eat in an entire month and it turns out I like veggies!  Okay, I like hummus.  Please let hummus be healthy!!

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