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What do you want out of BootCampSF? 32/30s are my goal!

Why?  Why do we do it?  Why on earth do we drag ourselves outside to exercise with our fellow BootCampSF-ers when we could be out eating or drinking or sleeping??

Each of us have our own goal.  For me, the goal is to reach the weight I was before I met my fiancee. [Beginning of Biology Interlude:  If you are like me and have trouble remembering the difference between fiancee and fiance, just remember the Rule of X which I just made up.  Girls have 2 X chromosomes so they have 2 Es and boys have 1 X chromosome (and 1 Y) hence just 1E.  Being the dude, I’m the fiance.  End of Biology Interlude.]  Prior to meeting my fiancee I was 172 pounds and fit comfortably in 32/30 jeans.

Ninety-two days ago I was at 187 pounds and I was fitting quite comfortably in 34/30s.  That day I began Mission 32/30:  get to my pre-fiancee weight of 172 pounds and fitting easily into a pair of 32/30 jeans.  I’m proud to say that after 92 days of BootCampSF I have dropped 4.9 pounds down to 182.1 pounds!  Furthermore, my BMI has dropped from 31.6(Obese) to 30.8 (still obese, just less so[note:  I hate BMI but for some reason I can’t resist reporting it]).  And those jeans?  Well I’m still in 34/30s but I need a belt!!

So if i do the calculation right, I lost approximately 0.38 pounds a week.  At this pace I’ll have fulfilled Mission 32/30 in about 180 more days.  If you add it up that is a total of 9 months.

NINE MONTHS!??!!?  Totally doable.  It takes a lot of patience, but it is totally doable.  Through a combination of exercise and eating junk in moderation (i.e. 1 cupcake instead of 3 cupcakes and a cheeseburger) meeting my goal should be met with relative ease.  I’ve had friends who’ve had babies in that same amount of time and I’ve been repeatedly been told that being pregnant for 9 months is definitely more difficult that my mission.  Just a little tip, DO NOT ever compare losing weight as being harder than giving birth.  Not even as a joke.  Ever.

Wow, I really do ramble don’t I?  Anyways, with Thanksgiving already in the past, I just have to make it by the gamut(first time I’ve ever used that word) of winter holidays and the new year without having a major backslide.  I mean, 3 months are done and I only have 6 more months to go.  That’s right, I said ‘only.’  Totally doable.

If you have any questions or want to compare notes on goals, feel free to contact me at or

Have a good workout!