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Why did you start/continue with BootcampSF this session??

Welcome to BootcampSF! So what led to your decision to join BootcampSF? Did you sign up because you have some dress or slacks you want to fit into? Raising my right hand super high on that one(for slacks…. yeah, definitely slacks). Have you passed some milestone age and realized your metabolism is not allowing you to eat a bucket of fried chicken without gaining some weight? Raising both hands on that one! My milestone age was 27 and 6 years later I’m quite sure my metabolism is no where near where it was when I was in high school where after school I could eat a double quarter pound with cheese, six mcnuggets, supersized fries, a large coke and then still have a full couple of plates of rice and some sort of meat slathered upon it and still not gain any weight!! (okay, i know that was a long sentence with no pauses, so please feel free to catch a mental breath as i’m doing after typing it)

Whatever your reason for joining BootcampSF, welcome! But just a quick warning… Bootcamp is addictive! I just finished my second session and I am ready for my third. You are going to get faster and stronger and just feel generally feel better. When you miss a day, you will feel guilty, a honestly just a little out of whack. Also, if you are like me, you’ll feel super self-conscious about every random snack you eat through the day because you haven’t felt you earned the whip cream you put on your hot chocolate (okay i admit it, I am speaking from experience). Lucky for you, and for me, there is a makeup class every Saturday at Crissy Field which is pretty killer so that you can have extra whip cream on your next hot chocolate.

On another note, I’m not going to lie to you and say that after six weeks you will be running 4 minute miles and drop a magical 15 pounds. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and discipline if you want to reach all your goals. Initially I wanted to lose a pound a week and a few inches off my waistline. Unfortunately, it turns out exercise isn’t enough. Yes I am stronger, faster and can run much further and much longer than ever before in my life, but i haven’t seen the gains (perhaps more appropriately, the losses) I’ve been looking to get from the scale.

But don’t let the number on the scale rule your life, what really matters is how you feel. The main thing i felt after my first two sessions of BootcampSF is that feeling of my jeans being less tight in the thigh region and let me tell you, that feeling is SUPERAWESOMEGREAT! I still step on the scale and see a number I don’t like (currently at about 189lbs… did i mention that i’m 5foot 4inches tall? 5foot 5inches on a warm day and i’m in running shoes) If I really wanted to lose weight I would eat in moderation the bad stuff and eat in exaggeration the healthy stuff.

All that being said, as I enter this third session of BootcampSF I am going to attempt eating better. No more accidental one pound fried chicken binges, no more of those multi-serving meals of spam fried rice, no more daily sugar bomb infused pearl milk teas as snacks, and no more “might as well buy two large pizzas since we got a coupon” since i know two large pizzas last just as long as one large pizza once it is in my apartment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not crazy and I wont get rid of the things I love completely. A slice here and a fried chicken wing there won’t kill me, just gotta stick with them in moderation.

Every week I’m going to take a look at those health tips in the BootcampSF manual, and this time I am actually going to use a tip a week! This week I’m going to follow the tip about getting hydrated! (click here for blog about the minimum amount of water you should consume. i think i will shoot for the 43 shot glasses!).

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough, so good luck, have fun and see you outside!

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