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workout shirts should be like good vodka…

two weeks down and four more to go!! woohooo! so what do i have in store for you today? t-shirts! i’ll try not to make this post too long since you are probably reading this at work, but hopefully the pictures of my workout clothing below will make up for it(if i had read that out loud i would have included a wink as i said that).

anyways, why talk about t-shirts? the answer is because during a workout, they are the piece of clothing that gets the most drenched with sweat. you go for a run.. drip. .you do a pushup..drip.. you jump rope..drip drip drip drip!!! while you sweat you feel good, feel like you are accomplishing something but when you finish (or at least when i finish) you have a t-shirt (or long sleeve shirt because they get sweaty too) that you can barely pull it off over your head. and after that you may accidentally put it right in your hamper. in case you are wondering what an extremely damp shirt does once it gets in your hamper and gets buried under other clothes, i do NOT recommend you experiment. instead, put your tshirt (and your unmentionables as well) and put them on a hanger and hang it on a door frame or in your bathroom as seen below.
if your tshirt is just a regular 100% cotton tshirt then even if you hang it, it may take days to dry depending how warm your bathroom is. even then it probably will be stinky(hopefully it’s not just my shirts). so what’s the solution?? why a fancy tshirt of course!

i used to think that those fancy tshirts that feel kind of silky smooth were just for professional athletes and for people known as a word that rhymes with oosh-bags. but now? now i swear by them and wear them every time i work out.

you can get a fancy sweat wicking tshirt from pretty much anywhere nowadays. no longer are you restricted to buying $20-$30 dollar MSRP nike drift or adidas climacool shirts, you can now get them from old navy and target (the source of those brightly hanging colored thirst by champion hanging below). from what the tags say, they all seem to offer the same moisture wicking ability and some sort of UV protection (for what reason i fail to understand. doesn’t every tshirt have UV protection just by being a SHIRT that is between the SUN and YOU???) and last but not least some antimicrobial properties(i.e. it keeps the stink off).

also, the fancy tshirts dry before i get home from work and are ready for another workout while a regular tshirt is a one and done affair. yes, i wear my shirts at least twice before they hit the laundry!!

oh wait, i was almost done and i have yet to tell you why workout shirts should be like good vodka. from my experience, when you use good vodka or bad vodka to make drinks, they usually don’t taste much different. regardless of the price, a vodka tonic is a vodka tonic. the only difference is that after a night of ten vodka tonics, the bad vodka gives you a tremendous hangover while the good vodka will leave you finding yourself a little dehydrated. the regular cotton shirt is the tremendous hangover and the the slight dehydration is the fancy wicking tshirt. ta-da!

and that’s it for this edition of the bcsf blog. have a good one!

(one last note, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on shirts, just hit up the target clearance racks. i got all my shirts for $7.50. and the bright colors don’t bother me since i only wear them for working out, and if someone did look at me weird, i’d only see that look for 2 seconds since i would be running right past them. SHAZAM! now that’s it for real. have a good one!)