Good Mood Foods: Nutrition to Balance Hormones

We all have our ups and our downs, it’s natural. Those days where we feel lost, unmotivated, heavy, and maybe even sad. We are humans after all, and you’re allowed to feel these things. However, while you are going through these occasional downs, there are ways to help your body, and your mind, feel better. … Continued

Portion Size Guide

Imagine you’re at the salad bar of your local grocery store. You’re serving yourself from the healthy variety of leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains and proteins. But how do you know how much? What’s “1 serving” of vegetables? How much protein should you be adding? What’s the right amount of olive oil to use? For most of … Continued

Tough Workout? Try these snacks.

We often talk about what to post workout in terms of macronutrients: how much protein? how many carbohydrates?, ect.  And we’ve talked about pre and post workout nutrition on the blog before. But today we’re giving you 3 specific foods to start incorporating into your snacks to help you recover and replenish. Try these nutritious snack ideas … Continued

Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups

This quick and easy meal also goes by the name of Larb, a thai inspired minced meat salad. It couldn’t be a more simple and flavorful meal for weeknight dinners. We love using ground chicken in this recipe, but feel free to use your favorite ground meat. Vegetarian? Check out this tofu version here. Thai Chicken … Continued

Six Best and Worst Protein Bars

What do you do when you’re in need of a quick snack on-the-go? We all reach for protein bars as a quick and travel friendly snack. But, not all protein bars are created equal. So today, we’re taking a close up look at some of the most popular bars and why we do (or don’t) choose them for fueling … Continued

10 Healthy 4th of July Recipes

Whether your plans for the 4th of July are swimming in the sun or celebrating in the San Francisco fog, you’ll definitely be enjoying some summer food. Substitute the burgers and potato salad for these mouth watering recipes and make your party the healthiest one on the block. Appetizers Tomato Basil and Peach Skewers (pictured above):  Adding peaches to tomatoes, mozzarella and basil will make an … Continued

A Sweet Treat: Healthy Blondies

Healthy and blondies in the same sentence?! We know, it’s a little crazy. But before you hit that back button, give us a second. Here at BootCampSF we believe a little indulgence is part of a healthy lifestyle. We also believe that not all sweets and treats can (or should!) be healthified. But this recipe … Continued

Chia… Not just a Pet Anymore!

Growing up through the 1990s, I couldn’t go more than 20 minutes without hearing the famed “Ch-Ch-Ch Chia!” on the television.  I heard it thousands of times, and every single time it got me singing the theme in my head while at the same time thinking “Why would I want a pet plant that looks … Continued

Cookie Salad

What is this cookie salad I speak of?  Is it exactly what is sounds like?  Mini-chocolate chip cookies, Madeleines, Oreos, with a sprinkling of M&M cookies and Christmas tree cookies for color?  Whip cream or vanilla bean (always bean, never the French variety) ice cream as your dressing?  Fat free frozen yogurt if you are … Continued

Veggies are Delicious. Seriously. Under Certain Circumstances.

I love meat.  Steak?  Awesome.  Pork chops?  Delicious.  Chicken?  Good.  Fried chicken?  Even better.  Spam?  It’s been a part of my diet since I was six months old.  I love meat. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love eating meat.  In soups, with noodles, in a sandwich and especially over white rice.  I … Continued