Mission: 32/30—KFC, why can’t I resist you??

This past weekend I stayed with my buddy and his wife in Seattle. It was a beautiful weekend. No rain, plenty of sunshine and daytime temperatures reaching the mid-90s. I even went for a run that first morning I was in town. Burning some good calories and working up a good sweat. Felt pretty good … Continued

Mission:32/30 Week 1 Update–It hurts when I sneeze.

Pushups, sprints, dips, exercise band activities, squats(several varieties), lunges(several varieties), hills, stairs, planks, crunches, toe touchers, situps, burpees(aka up-downs), bear crawls, wheel barrows(not wheel barrels; see pictures above) sprints, jogs and of course a nice stroll along the beach with Leandra Rouse (and 17 others… geez, don’t get me in trouble with my fiancee!). Okay, … Continued

Mission:32/30 Begins!

I’ve done BootcampSF for three sessions and I’ve loved every minute of it.Okay, “loved” may be too strong a word.I’ve immensely enjoyed every minute.And not necessarily every minute as it has happened, but more like one minute after every class…. IMMENSE ENJOYMENT!I’d say you think I’m crazy, but I’m guessing somewhere between 5 and 95% … Continued

use the right gait out of the gate!

after thinking about that title, i just realized that (other than the awesome wordplay) people aren’t held back by gates and that prior to learning about people having gaits, the only time i’ve ever heard that word was from horse movies or when the kentucky derby is on tv. in high school i remember coaches … Continued

workout shirts should be like good vodka…

two weeks down and four more to go!! woohooo! so what do i have in store for you today? t-shirts! i’ll try not to make this post too long since you are probably reading this at work, but hopefully the pictures of my workout clothing below will make up for it(if i had read that … Continued

Why did you start/continue with BootcampSF this session??

Welcome to BootcampSF! So what led to your decision to join BootcampSF? Did you sign up because you have some dress or slacks you want to fit into? Raising my right hand super high on that one(for slacks…. yeah, definitely slacks). Have you passed some milestone age and realized your metabolism is not allowing you … Continued

Painted Stairs at 16th Avenue and Moraga..163 to be exact!

looking for some stairs to run when you don’t have class? check out these stairs at the intersection of 16th ave and moraga. i bet there is a story behind the stairs and the mosaic, but first let me give you the important information. there are 163 stairs and 12 landings(including the top) for you … Continued

somewhere between forrest gump and forrest chump

running, jogging, walking… whatever speed you are moving it is just one foot in front of the other. some of us love it and can go on for miles without a care in the world. i was not one of those people. just six months ago (january 2011) i went for a jog to kezar … Continued